DuJour Magazine Brings to Light Better Living at Gardenhouse - Gardenhouse

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DuJour Magazine Brings to Light Better Living at Gardenhouse

Luxury lifestyle publication DuJour featured Gardenhouse in its latest issue, providing an in-depth look at the Garden of Eden-style residential development in the heart of Beverly Hills. The write-up, which was part of a larger trend story, highlighted the way living walls can turn urban spaces into pastoral retreats. Made possible by irrigation systems and technology that enable plants to grow vertically, living walls transform drab office buildings, garages and hotels into artistic expressions—and few places showcase that better than Gardenhouse, a collection of row homes, sky villas and garden flats on Wilshire Boulevard. The article explores two of the main reasons people love living walls like the ones at Gardenhouse.

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Nature in the Concrete Jungle

Drought-resistant succulents, vines and plants that change with the seasons wrap Gardenhouse’s exterior walls, creating a 6,700-square-foot vertical garden. Distinguished as one of the largest vertical garden walls in the U.S., Gardenhouse is the first American development designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects. “You feel as though you are immersed in nature,” says Yansong, who is renowned for balancing natural environments with urban buildings. “Windows open to the vertical garden, giving residents the feeling that they are living in a hillside village, rather than in a metropolitan city.” For traffic-weary Angelenos, Gardenhouse serves as a welcome breath of fresh air, allowing them to rediscover the relationship between humanity and nature.

Better Living, Now

Plants have long been proven to provide a myriad of health benefits—from getting rid of toxins in the air to improving the environment. With that in mind, building a seven-story vertical garden that would inspire peaceful, productive living was a natural decision for Yansong. “As cities continue to become denser, inhabitants will increasingly be deprived of nature and all the positive benefits of connecting with nature,” he says. “For that reason, we absolutely anticipate the trend of living greenery walls continuing to grow.” It’s a beautiful yet timeless way to create a better standard of living for residents.

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