Top Los Angeles Brokers Gather for Exclusive Luncheon with Ma Yansong

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Top Los Angeles Brokers Gather for Exclusive Luncheon with Ma Yansong

Many of Los Angeles’ top real estate agents gathered at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills on January 6 for an exclusive luncheon and architectural presentation by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, the world-renowned architect known for his radically innovative and experimental design philosophy that combines nature and architecture. Attendees were struck by Ma’s insightful presentation, which revealed the artistic process behind his worldwide projects—including that of Gardenhouse, Beverly Hills’ newest and most transformative residential enclave. For Dan Urbach of Compass, it is intelligible that Ma’s vision should reflect the future of building design and community living: “We need more of this forward-thinking architecture in Los Angeles.”

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As Ma shared his conception of the “Shanshui City,” a means to create a new balance among society, the city and the environment through new forms of architecture, his vision for Gardenhouse's design became distinctly clear to all who listened.

“Ma Yansong brings a refreshing and inspiring new look at Los Angeles urban living,” said Greg Holcomb of Compass. “Gardenhouse is a model which proves that architectural integrity, environmental responsibility and aesthetic beauty can work together and should be the goal of all new developments.”

Beyond his designs for Gardenhouse, Ma Yansong has created many acclaimed and imaginative works around the world, including the Absolute Towers, Harbin Opera House and Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which made him the first Chinese architect to design a culture landmark overseas. “All of his projects are works of art,” noted Enzo Ricciardelli of Sotheby’s. “I wish more creative people would transform buildings like he’s doing.”

Ricciardelli’s impression seemed to be echoed throughout those among Yansong’s Monday audience, leading to a common consensus best described by Don Heller, a Listing Agent for Gardenhouse & Founder of Don Heller Group at Compass: “The brokers’ reaction to Ma, his philosophy and design was the same as my initial exposure to him: he is, without a doubt, in a league of his own.”

Ma is renowned for dismantling the conformities of traditional architecture, which Stephen J. Apelian of Coldwell Banker likewise took notice of: “He is a visionary with ideas that have obliterated any sort of glass ceiling in his field. I'm excited to see his finished product and more work from this innovative individual.”

The Gardenhouse team is pleased to showcase Ma Yansong’s first North American residential development and looks forward to welcoming a privileged few to live amongst the nation’s most transformative architectural.

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