MAD’s Innovative Design Takes Form - Gardenhouse

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MAD’s Innovative Design Takes Form

In the past, architecture was greatly influenced by religion. In modern times, however, capitalism and power have mostly defined the architecture of our cities. But in the future? Ma Yansong, Lead Architect of MAD Architects, believes nature and humanity should lead the way. And with Gardenhouse, the future is now.

The Living Wall Comes to Life


A creative vision for the global cities of tomorrow, Gardenhouse is taking form on Wilshire Boulevard and Ma Yansong’s first U.S. project is nearing completion. In this video, we document the building taking shape, spanning from the nearly completed living wall to the architecturally distinct Sky Villas, Garden Flats and Row Houses. Here, the rooftops have been fully erected in various elevations, refining Wilshire’s skyline with a careful, holistic orchestration of both nature and architecture.

At Gardenhouse, an advanced architectural shift is taking place. By Fall 2019, Ma Yansong will have composed a future community—one that re-establishes the very important emotional connection between humanity and nature—right here in Beverly Hills.

Gardenhouse, The Groundbreaking Ma Yansong-Designed Beverly Hills Development, To Launch Sales This Summer


Inquire below for more information on Gardenhouse in Beverly Hills.